Family owned for over 15 years, La Mixteca Ice Cream has a huge selection of great Mexican Ice Creams and Desserts. Like every flavor in the rainbow for your favorite Paletas and Ice Cream scoops, to the popular Chamangos and Raspados, to tasty Tostimango and delicious Fresas con Crema, La Mixteca has them all! Taste what everyone is talking about... stop in at one of our three North County San Diego locations.


We are pleased to announce the grand opening of our new store in Madera, Northern California. Now Lamixecta's Great Mexican Ice Cream and Desserts are available up north for all to enjoy!!! For store information, click on the top banner and then the Madera Store link.


[OCEAN RAINBOW] I love this place!!! I get the Popsicles with Chmoy and Hot sause, & I get the Tostilocos. I lived in Chula Vista a few years ago and I was so excited when I heard about Ocean Rainbow cause Tostilocos are lifeeee!!!

[OCEAN RAINBOW] Best little hidden ice cream spot. Line goes out the door. Definitely worth the wait. I had burnt milk, guava and passion fruit. So flipping delicious. All homemade!!! Highly recommend!

[OCEAN RAINBOW] Love love this place! I get cravings for Spanish style desserts all the time and this is always my #1 choice. Great ice cream flavors HOMEMADE! Their chamangos are my fave! They don't skimp you on the mango like other places tend to do. Everything I've tried so far is great haven't had any dissapointments. Sometimes there can be a long line, but still worth it.

[SAN MARCOS] YAYAYAYAYA They have a small tiny one of these in the Mexican market nearby so imagine my pleasure when I discovered an entire store built for the Mexican goodies. A single scoop which is often plenty is 1 dollar, and a two scoop is 1.75. They have all the different flavors of helados ice creams if you're a fan. They also make exotic flavors. Todays picks were chili mango with a scoop of strawberry. Prices are low, options are high and I never feel stupid to ask what something is or tastes like. Yes, I am a white girl but grew up going to Mexico so this is nostalgic AND new for someone like me.

[SAN MARCOS] Never had anything like this before... But nevertheless, it was tasty and refreshing! Very authentic Mexican joint with fresh fruits, creamy ice cream, and informative employees! I've never been to a paleteria before so the guy working gave me many samples of ice creams and gave several suggestions before I made my pick. Thank you! FOOD: I ordered the chamango which is made with fresh cut pieces of mango, mango ice cream, and chili. I am not normally a huge fan of the famous Mexican candy that consists of dried mango and chili on the exterior but due to the suggestions via Yelp, I decided to just go for it. I must say, pretty damn good! The mango ice cream was creamy and had the right amount of sweetness. The mango flavor was wonderful and the fresh pieces of mango were perfect. They were ripe and super sweet. They also had a great texture to the dessert! As for the chili, it wasn't too powerful. I was worried it would stray away from the mango flavor but it just added a subtle kick to it instead. Towards the end of the dessert, all of the chili fell to the bottom and that was when it became too much for my taste buds. Regardless, I definitely think this place is worth trying! It is different and delicious. SERVICE: Amazing. I am so happy with the guy who was working that evening. If it weren't for him, I wold have been so lost in regards to what to order.

[SAN MARCOS] I have been here a few times when I am in need of some Mexican style fruit, ice cream and other snack items. It brings the taste of Mexican street fruit vendors in one convenient location, and it saves you a trip across the border. I have tried a variety of their ice creams and fruit plates over the years. My favorite is all mango straight up with chili powder and limes. I mean, it's the tastiest fruit ever, and when you add the chili powder it adds a spicy kick. And I am known to pour it on. Heck, I have had just mango for lunch a couple of times. Located right off the 78 freeway next to the McDonalds, they are in a convenient location (just not during rush hour). They also have fruit salads, Mexican ice cream and other typical snacks items. Go for the mango, whether it be "chamango" style (chamoy, mango ice cream and fresh mangos) or just the bare fruit, you won't be disappointed.

[VISTA] You will most definitely find the best traditional Mexican/Oaxacan paletas here. They have so many flavors from bubble gum to lime flavor. My favorites is the arroz con leche and another called mame which is a typical fruit from Mexico. For some reason I always forget the name. Pricing is not bad and they have other options here than ice cream. They have fruit bar and I love to get the chamangos here, perfect for a hot day.

[VISTA] What can I say, it is by far the best Mexican ice cream I've had in all North San Diego County, the Lime flavor is so awesome that I keep going back at least once a week. After going a while I noticed that they sell tortas, one of the customers was eating one massive gigantic torta so by next time I bought one "La Seņorita" it is soooooooo delicious and has a peculiar taste that you can't find anywhere else so you keep going back, or at least I am. I haven't tried the others because I keep ordering the same one every time, but promise I will and come back with more details. Happy munchin'

[VISTA] I have come here on a couple of occasions and while this is a busy parking lot and shopping center on S. Santa Fe Ave, I will still come here because they have good chamangos! I have tried their icy chamango, mango ice cream chamango, tostimangos, and tostilocos. Do try the mango ice cream chamango though, I personally consider it my favorite thing to get here, especially on a hot day. This is a fairly small place but they have many things on their menu including tortas. Still, I would stick to their ice cream or other treats vs. the food. The girls that were working were courteous and not to mention generous in their preparation of the chamangos, so really love that.


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